What are the skills required for a Blockchain Product Manager?

Blockchain is the rising technology for many unique products and applications. It is heavily influenced by technology and thus a need of professionals to handle it. The position is crucial for the companies to manage their team efficiently without any delays and mishaps. So the role of Blockchain product manager is needed. The skills needed have a very wide range.

The list of key skills required are:

  1. Ability to develop blockchain solutions
  2. Understanding Ledgers both distributed and decentralized, Blockchain Architecture
  3. Blockchain infrastructure configuration
  4. Familiarity with blockchain platforms like DAML, Etherium, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, and Corda
  5. Blockchain standards and ecosystem
  6. Developing blockchain product specifications like developing a plan to market and develop your product keeping your client in mind
  7. Industry insights and key performance indicators
  8. Strategic business insights to solve Blockchain Product-based Problems -Many problems can crop up in the middle of a project and you should be able to effectively handle it.
  9. Negotiation skills to have the ability to work with various stakeholders keeping the products best interests in mind