What are the skills required for a blockchain developer?

Blockchain developer is a job which is in buzz recent times. To become a blockchain developer, one should have a wide range of skills. But as the requirements in the industry are comprehensive and cater to the specific organizational needs, it can be very confusing to determine essential skills.

Essential skills of a blockchain developer are:

  1. Blockchain architecture - Understanding of blockchain working, with the know-how of concepts like smart contracts, cryptography, four types of blockchain architecture
  2. Data Structures - Knowing how to apply data structures with the combination of cryptography and to adjust them according to the requirements of network
  3. Smart contracts - Contracts that enable exchange without an intermediary are smart contracts. Developers should have an in-depth understanding. They also should learn network-specific languages like Solidity, Viper, Chaincode, etc.
  4. Web Development - The majority of the entry-level jobs of a blockchain developer revolve around the design of applications on both the front end and back end. It also requires a developer to create an interactive front end for the users, so they have to learn skills on java, react, etc
  5. Programing languages - Generally, as a backend developer, you will be required to use various languages like C++, Python, javascript and have good knowledge of OOPS concepts.