What are the skills one must learn in order to be a front end developer?

Front-end development is a client-side development that pertains usage of HTML, CSS, and javascript primarily to create the front end of a website or develop web applications.

As a front end developer, you need to be aware of the current design trends and technologies in order to provide a better quality service to your consumers and clients,

Today we are going to take a peek into what technologies one must learn in order to start learning front-end development.

  1. HTML & CSS
    They are the basic building blocks of a website. HTML defines the structure of the website while CSS styles the structure built by HTML

  2. Javascript
    Javascript is responsible for making your website more responsive. It lets the user interact with your website in a more interactive way and adds functionalities to your otherwise static website. You can add slideshows, polls, animations, and much more.

  3. Frameworks and Libraries
    Frameworks are globules or pre-written code which provide common functionalities to your website like login and interface for search and they make your life as a front-end developer so much easier in terms of coding, debugging, and maintaining good code etiquette. Examples of a javascript framework is Angular, react, Ember, etc.

Just like a framework a library also has a set of pre-written functions which lets you add customizations to your website. An example of a javascript library is JQuery.

  1. Version Control
    This skill is important in the field of software development as a whole. Version control allows a software developer to not only backup the code in a cloud repository but also allows to keep a track of changes over time and aids collaboration between multiple individuals. They have additional benefits apart from the ones listed. Git version control is a popular service in use by professionals across the globe.

  2. Search Engine Optimization
    This is a very important tool of the trade. Practicing SEO allows the owner of the website to rank higher in search results in various search engine listings. This way a website can garner organic traffic. There are various tools and tutorials to learn SEO and we strongly recommend you to upskill yourself with this competency in order to be a proficient front-end developer.