What are the six steps that an operations manager should perform?

  1. Define/Analyze the Issue – Determining the issues and goals helps in having clarity of the process and better execution of the same. It also helps in examining the potential issues in the process and taking corrective measures.
  2. Create Alternatives - Identifying potential solutions helps is an effective problem-solving approach and helps in managing a complex quality control system in the organization.
  3. Choose the Best Option - Determine which option is the best fit for the solvency of the business and from the long-term growth prospective of the organization.
  4. Execute the Alternative - Put the alternative into action while controlling and evaluating the decisions and processes undertaken.
  5. Give it one last thought/verify - Go over the options and results to take corrective steps (if any)
  6. Analyze the Outcomes - Analyze the results to help with future concerns. To optimize the manufacturing processes is the core of Operations Management and one of the most important functions that they undertake.