What are the roles and responsibilities of HR Generalist at TCS?

The roles and responsibilities of HR generalists at TCS are:

• To ensure that HR policies adopted by the company are fair to all the employees and lead to no dissatisfaction among employees.
• Keep policies in alignment with business objectives and make sure that they share the company vision and values.
• Be actively involved in the disciplinary matters arising in the company.
• Making sure to be a part of the consensus decisions among the employees.
• To coordinate processes and coordination with recruitment for new onboarding of employees.
• Attend the meetings wherein the employees try to resolve their issues and be part of grievance redressal mechanisms.
• Ensure that the new employees get sufficient training and the onboarding process is smooth.
• Develop effective metrics of Goal Setting and Performance Management systems to evaluate performance of employees.
• Implement Mentor-Mentee programs in order to make the new employees feel included and be a part of company culture.