What are the roles and responsibilities of compliance associate at JP Morgan?

JP Morgan Compliance team helps design solutions that drive corporate success in a worldwide regulatory environment that is becoming increasingly complicated.

You’ll advise us on how current and future regulatory requirements will affect our diverse businesses and products.

You will assist our businesses in maintaining operations and taking advantage of global prospects by offering impartial analysis of new business strategies, product lines, policies, operational procedures, risk mitigation, and internal controls.


While your day-to-day responsibilities vary depending on your team, you’ll interact with senior management , obtain a thorough understanding of company strategy, and participate in global groups.

You can be assigned to audits of our code of conduct or employee licensing and registration regulations.

You’ll apply your analytical skills to assess risk associated with our controls across business divisions.

By ensuring that our businesses are doing the right thing, they are free to innovate and develop new goods and services while remaining confident that we adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Our full-time Associate program will help you lay a solid basis for a career in financial services compliance.

This full-time program prepares ambitious Associates for Vice President positions at the firm.