What are the roles and responsibilities of a Blockchain Product Manager?

A blockchain product manager is an essential component of any blockchain product. The role slightly differs from the traditional product manager with additional knowledge on domain-specific skills. He is the bridge between every team present in the project but with the added complexity of understanding new technologies and their applications in the blockchain.

Roles and Responcibilities:

  1. Ensuring the product meets the needs of the client or user
  2. Coordinate the various design, development, data scientists, and software engineers.
  3. Research to ensure that product meets market standards
  4. Smoothly deal with the problems in various phases of the product
  5. Customer analysis and resource management
  6. Ensuring the teams runs smoothly
  7. Coordinating between the teams for timely delivery of the product
  8. Map the upcoming features
  9. Understanding full-stack solutions
  10. Talk to clients about what can be done and what cannot about the product and the possible features
  11. Keeping track of the technology and ensuring that it gets updated when necessary