What are the roles and responsibilities of a Back End Developer?

While specific responsibilities will vary depending on the company’s operations, the following is a general outline of what to expect:
• Working on server-side logic and outward-facing web application parts alongside front-end developers.
• Increasing the speed and scalability of the applications for a better customer experience.
• Creating data storage systems as the access to the amount of data required today is enormous.
• Designing and maintaining a content management system to tell a better story to the users.
• Integration of cloud computing to be worked on.
• Application troubleshooting and debugging are required to minimize hindrances/obstacles in usage.
• Creating code and libraries that can be reused in the future for ease.
• Create prototypes, write code and tests, troubleshoot problems, profile and analyze bottlenecks
• Create APIs that are both mobile and desktop-friendly so that the users can access them anytime and anywhere, at their own convenience.