What are the role of sports engineer ? What careers can be pursued by a sports engineer?

Sports Engineering falls under a specific branch of engineering.

There are three areas where Sports Engineers have played a huge role in the progress and development of sports

  1. Bringing in cutting edge technology like Hawk Eye Camera systems in Tennis and also in Cricket to determine LBW appeals. In LBW the system tries to predict the trajectory of the ball if the batsmen wasnt in the way. If the trajectory led to the stumps the technology calls out. The Hawk Eye camera in tennis looks at balls that fall on the line from multiple angles (6 or more) and zooms in to show if its out or in.
  2. Sports Equipment like Racquets, Helmets, Balls all are highly engineered to meet sports goals and performance metrics. If you have noticed Tennis and Badminton Racquets have become lighter and stronger. These are all outcomes of materials engineering
  3. Sportsmen use several sensors to gauge their performance . These are the smart gadgets that are available today to measure heartbeat, blood oxygen and several other metrics to compete at the highest level in case of endurance sports like tennis and marathons. These are areas of Biomechanical engineering in Sports.

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