What are the requirements of a Cloud Security Specialist?

To prevent the vulnerable section of a Cloud network service from falling into malicious hands, organizations employ the services of a Cloud Security Specialist, whose main task revolves around ensuring the following measures:

Evaluation of the infrastructure in place with proper risk assessment.

Building and setting in motion the cloud security setup.

Monitoring of the setup and looking out for threats in runtime.

Respond during the time of an attack and help the whole system recover from it.

The basic requirements of becoming a Cloud Security Specialist begins with having a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering/ Information Technology with programming and related fields of information security. Apart from this, additional job experience, certifications in required IT fields and knowledge of languages like Python and other tools generally in use in Cloud services.

Following skills on the job or their combinations can help you establish yourself as a Cloud Security Specialist:

Baseline skills that help you perform the basic security functions.

The skills that can deploy, automate, and secure cloud environments that can handle heavy and critical data.

Deep penetration testing and management of vulnerable aspects, which requires hands-on ability to test devices both on traditional servers as well as cloud environment.