What are the required qualifications for a Human Resources Manager?

The multi-faceted aspects of the job of a Human Resources Manager make it a really demanding one in nature. It requires a candidate to be proficient in his or her people skills, with patience enough to understand the main issue of a matter, and enough analytical skills to plan and execute the operations that can keep the activities of the organization on with supply of efficient and ample workforce.
The basic skill set to become a manager in Human Resources may consist of:

  1. A bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the field of Human Resources, Labor Relations, Organizational Development or any other relevant field or equivalent work experience.

  2. Excellent and effective written and oral communication skills.

  3. Analytical approach to make sense of the data and reports related to their areas like employment, skills and others.

  4. Soft skills that can energize, motivate and bring the different branches and members of the organization to excel in their job and fulfil the team goals.

  5. They should have knowledge about the various changes in the field of Human Resources, like use of technology of software for specific purposes, right from planning the allotment to scheduling meeting sessions.

  6. They must have knowledge about handling employee issues, safety requirements and norms set by authorities and the need of the employees, employment laws, labor and employee relations and performance and compensation review.