What are the recent challenges in HR?

With so much happening around the world of business and its effect on workplaces and employees, new challenges have been emerging with each passing time. The organizations are committed to stay ahead of the curve in facing these challenges to score a lead that keeps them ahead of their lesser prepared competitors.

For this, they take help of various consultants and it is up to there HR managers to keep a track on emerging trends, challenges and the answers to them so that the company and the employees can be trained better to adopt to the evolving nature of trade and commerce with these times.

Recruiting New Talent:

With the lockdowns finally easing around the globe and the vaccination rates improving, we might find the global and domestic business sentiments at a high pretty soon. Pumped on both recovery and psychological affects like revenge spending and making up for the lost time. But it also means that the demand for new addition to workforce will become more complex. The HR managers will have to design the particular processes to pick up the most deserving candidates, by involving various aspects into it like salary package, the skills to be tested to fill vacancies, the mode of the conduct of the processes, the mapping of the places and campuses for their requirement.

Retaining the existing talent:

Just as important it is for an organization to get new talent; it is also important for them to retain their existing talent force. The issue emerges when the answer to retention goes through hike in salaries and the financial condition of the company may or may not be in that position to accept.
The HR manager will have to work upon the factors like providing more liberty in the job profile, which gives employees more independence in terms of their job structure, or more relaxed working hours and leave approval system, and similar other factors that can balance the expectations of both sides.

Training and upskilling:

The workforce will have to be updated with the in-demand skills, driving the spirit of innovation and getting them ready for the cut-throat competition that is lying ahead.
The HR manager will have to come up with the selection of required tools, appropriate for the particular domain knowledge and requirements, the modules and along with them, the organization structure and staffing that rewards such processes, meanwhile adding to the productivity of the firm.

Fluid Organization setup:

With challenges evolving with passing time, the HR managers will have to look towards creating an organization structure which is more fluid in the face of challenges and can adapt to new changes and requirements easily. This will result through having a diverse set of skilled people, who can look at a problem with their vision and come up with their solutions for it, and later combining all the solutions to achieve a more stable alternative that works best for the company. It also requires the existing talent to come out of their existing comfort zones in an effort to add some other skills to their profile to give their capabilities a more pragmatic and dynamic approach.

Inclusion and Diversity:

With modern business getting democratized because of various ways the company and its customers can communicate with each other and give and take feedback accordingly, it is the need of the hour that the workforce gets more diverse in terms of educational, professional and personal background to provide a better vision and answer.
The inclusion and variety in workforce can translate into expansion of customer base, with better understanding of their point of view, and by promoting a culture that works like a good public relations exercise.

Managing Relationship:

The kind of turbulent times that have been for last two years, the Human Resources Manager will have to reform and redesign the employer-employee relationship, that takes care of the changing times. Having a more streamlines means of communication between the two sides, that makes the expectations of both sides much clearer for each other, is the need of the hour. This system when taken seriously and implemented efficiently, makes the employees feel valuable and the decision makers can get and exchange suggestions to cultivate a more productive and enthusiastic workspace and workforce.

Health and Wellness:

The recent time has made us be more appreciative or our health, both physical and wellness. It is normal that the employees and the customers and clients would feel their business engagements keeping these things into consideration.
It goes as a common knowledge that physically and mentally fit workforce is an asset that adds to the productivity of the organization, and can keep the operations running for longer hours. But this is where proper work-load management should come in and plan accordingly, so exhaustion and fatigue are not let to set in, and the overburdening is avoided.
Health checkups in partnership with experts of the fields need to be encouraged and promoted, and the employees should be checked upon for any issues they have been facing in professional and personal levels that is affecting their work-life balance and counselling should be promoted.