What are the real-time industry applications of Hadoop?

Hadoop, often known as Apache Hadoop, is an open-source software framework for processing huge amounts of data in a scalable and distributed manner. It analyses structured and unstructured data created on digital platforms and within the organisation in a fast, high-performance, and cost-effective manner. It is now utilised in nearly every area and industry.

Here are a few examples of how Hadoop is used:

  • Managing traffic on streets
  • Streaming processing
  • Content management and archiving e-mails
  • Processing rat brain neuronal signals using a Hadoop computing cluster
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Advertisements targeting platforms are using Hadoop to capture and analyze click stream, transaction, video, and social media data
  • Managing content, posts, images, and videos on social media platforms
  • Analyzing customer data in real time for improving business performance
  • Public sector fields such as intelligence, defense, cyber security, and scientific research
  • Getting access to unstructured data such as output from medical devices, doctor’s notes, lab results, imaging reports, medical correspondence, clinical data, and financial data