What are the questions asked in SQL interview

SQL is the standard database language for all Relational Database Management Systems (RDMS), including MySQL, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase, and SQL Server.

Below are a few advanced SQL interview questions and answers that you could come across during an interview.

1. What is SQL?
SQL is a database management system that allows you to construct and access databases to support software applications.

2. Distinguish between DML and DDL statements?
Data Manipulation Statements (DML) are statements that manipulate data. They make changes to the table’s data values whereas Data Definition Language (DLL) alters the structure of database objects like tables, indexes, and so on.

3. Why are SQL constraints used?

The conditions for all entries in the database are established using constraints. If any limitations are broken, the action that triggered the problem can be stopped.

4. What is SQL Server’s Windows Authentication Mode?

For authentication purposes, Windows Authentication mode connects to an existing server using the username and password.

5. What are triggers?

Triggers are defined functions in SQL used for responding to a particular operation on the table, such as INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE.

6. Define order by clause

Order by clause is used to sort the data in a specific order.

7. What is a cursor?

A cursor is a database component that allows you to modify the data sequentially

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