What are the questions asked in a college interview?

Many schools and universities conduct admission interviews, these interviews are held to help you and the interviewer determine if the college or institution is a suitable fit for you.

Following are some examples of interview questions:

1. Why did you choose our university above others?

  • Explain to the interviewer why you think the university and its programs are a great option for you.

  • You can mention how you prefer their study program, possibly specifying courses from the curriculum.

  • Talk about your co-curricular activities and accomplishments that represent your personality.

2. Which major do you want to pursue?

  • The interviewer wants to know about academic ambitions and would like to see that you have a strong academic background.

  • They want to know why you chose this major and expect you to provide a sincere explanation. Discuss how the course can help you achieve your goals or any other ambitions you may have.

3. What do you want to be 10 years from now?

  • Colleges acknowledge that you may not have everything planned out and that your plans may change.

  • Colleges are looking for students that are driven to succeed. You can mention specific activities that you’d want to participate in. You don’t have to confine your plans to professional objectives; instead, show that you have certain goals and that the university will assist you in achieving them.

4. What can you contribute to this university?

  • Colleges are looking for students who will contribute positively to campus and academic life.

  • Highlight the important characteristics that make you the ideal candidate for this university.

5. Who is your idol?

  • The interviewer can learn about your beliefs by asking this question.

  • Don’t just name the individual; describe why you admire him or her.


Basically, they are trying to understand whether you are prepared to study and graduate effectively a few years later. However, there’s no reason to be very concerned. Simply try to provide accurate and comprehensive responses.