What are the prospects of a Blockchain developer

One of the fastest-growing skill sets in the IT industry with rapid growth in the job domain is blockchain. The bull run of the crypto market in 2017 created an abrupt rise in demand for blockchain development and blockchain developers, But the supply of blockchain developers in the market is low. These developers have a salary of 150 to 200% compared to the general software developers.


  1. To work on new technologies and platforms
  2. Work with less competition
  3. Low entry barriers
  4. Better pay
  5. High Hiring rate
  6. Big enterprise opportunities
  7. High growth in industry applications indicates the expansion capability
  8. As the development started getting traction in recent times, Early entrants will gain a huge advantage

Along with this a technical developer with a good understanding by learning modern languages like Java, React, etc will be highly contested by the big industry players like tech Mahendra, Accenture, Cognizant, etc., offering very high salaries. Furthur you can specialize in careers like blockchain architecture, designing protocols, designing and supervising networks, etc in the field to develop the career.

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