What are the pros and cons of working in IBM India (GBS)?

I started working for IBM as an under-graduate hire, and I have been there for 3.6 years. I am presently serving my notice period, and before I leave IBM, I want to summarise the benefits and drawbacks of working for IBM.


  • If you are a new employee, IBM is not a good choice. Being a newcomer and working in the lowest band limits your opportunities for advancement within the company. ‘You are lucky if you get a good lead and manager,’ says one expert.
  • You do not get anything in return for your efforts. Band 6 gets a lousy pay package and no onsite time.
  • The company policies (regarding hikes, onsite, and band progression) are opaque, and there is no way to contact HR. Your People Manager is your only hope. Your IBM future is in the hands of your boss.


  • IBM offers unlimited WFH, which is an excellent thing. However, do not get too excited when reading this! Even this is subject to your boss’s approval;)
  • Working in b-shifts and c-shifts is less common, and women are given cabs from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. to travel home safely if your project agrees to cover the expense.
  • No other company offers limitless sick leave like IBM does.
  • There is no mandatory 9-hour workday. There is no swipe-in and swipe-out policy to keep track of your working hours. You are good to go ahead if you finish your assignment without any flaws:)
  • Work-life balance is beneficial.