What are the prerequisites to start a career in Artificial Intelligence?

  1. Statistical Skill-
    It is important to have an in-depth knowledge of statistics and probabilities to solce complex algorithms. Being comfortable with statistical methods is also required as AI aspirants have to work on finding patterns in large amounts of data.**

  2. Mathematical skills and Probability-
    Mathematics should be a strong suit for anyone willing to pursuit AI as probability and other concepts help them create algorithms.

  3. Programming skills-
    Programming skills are one another integral part along with Maths and Stats. AI requires knowledge of Java, C++, Python and R programming languages. C++ helps in increasing the coding speed while Python helps in understanding and creating complex algorithms.**

  4. Advanced Signal Processing Techniques
    When it comes to machine learning, feature extraction is an integral characteristic. In order to understand the next feature and how to deploy models, [Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engineers are expected to be familiar with various advanced signal processing techniques.

  5. Distributed Computing
    The work done by AI engineers requires them to deal with a large set of data, thus distributed com putting is an important skill to possess by any AI aspirant. It includes expertise in apps like MongoDB, alongside the creation and operation of Cloud environments.**