What are the prerequisites to start a career as a Python Developer?

Required qualifications
Prior to applying, you must have a BSc in Computer Science, a Btech in Computer Science, or a comparable discipline. Experience in the workplace is preferred.

Knowledge of ORM Libraries.
Expert in any one of the following: Knowledge of Front-end Technologies in Python Framework

Version Control Systems get familiar with it.
AI/Machine Learning Fundamentals.

Note that these qualifications and pre-requisites may differ depending on the hirer and job you apply for.

Further your responsibilities will be:

The principles of algorithms, computer structure, data structures, and computability are all well-understood.
For efficiency in developing algorithms and statistical approaches, a solid foundation in statistical and mathematical skills is required.
Consult a data scientist to gain a better understanding of the data models and content pipeline.
Implement strategies or data modelling to predict the company’s strategic solutions.
Research and analytical capabilities are strong.
thorough understanding of the industry and the application on which you work

So you should plan your learning according to that.