What are the prerequisites to start a career as a Java Developer?

A Java Developer is a Developer whose expertise lies in the design, testing, and execution of software in Java. Despite the similarity in name, Java must not be mistaken with JavaScript, a completely different computer language.

You should know the basic concepts of Object-Oriented Programming:

  1. Encapsulation is a state attained when an object’s state is private, encapsulated in its class (a blueprint with comparable features used by developers to generate objects), and public methods cannot access it.

  2. Abstraction happens when objects only reveal the essential details required to operate with it (making your program easier to develop).

  3. Inheritance happens when things are arranged into parent‐child constructs that share common logic but do not have to be identical.

  4. Polymorphism is a technique for using child classes in the same way as their base classes without changing the child class.

Aside from this, you should know:

  1. Logic and rigorous testing techniques are used to solve challenges.

  2. Java project planning

  3. Developing end-user documentation

  4. Writing and modifying programming code using computer systems.

  5. Fixing more complex bugs