What are the prerequisites to start a career as a data analyst?

You’ll need a mix of technical and soft abilities to work as a data analyst.

  • As a data analyst, you should have thorough understanding of at least one programming language.
  • The more languages you have under your belt, the better. Python, R, SQL, Java, PHP, and other programming languages are commonly used by data analysts.
  • You should also learn the principles of data analysis and how to use its tools. As previously said, a data analyst must be conversant with mathematics, statistics, and the usage of charts, tables, and graphs.

After you’ve mastered them,

  • you’ll need to have some experience with project management, statistical programming, data cleansing, and data visualisation.
  • You’ll also need the ability to analyse and understand data, as well as the capacity to plan work precisely and fulfil deadlines, in addition to these essential technical abilities.
  • Because you’ll be interacting with many teams, you’ll need good interpersonal skills, oral and written communication abilities, and the ability to operate as part of a group.