What are the most sought after books in HR?

From an expert of the field to a rookie taking first steps into it, upskilling oneself with the current trends of the sector are the best way forward to stay ahead of the curve and staying in demand. Then what better way of doing so than the oldest one, reading about them

Human Resources happens to be no different field in this case. You’ll think that a sector that thrives in people skills will propose to engage rather than study about it, but every thing needs to begin with the basics, and books are the best way to go about it.

Some of the most sought-after books from the field of Human Resources are as follows:

“Human Resource Management” by Gary Dessler:

Probably the most famous book of the field that clears the basic concepts related to it.

“HR from the Outside in” by Dave and Mike Ulrich, Jon Younger and Wayne Brockbank:

Once done with the key concepts of the field, it is time to jump into the skills that make the HR manager stand out from others, by keeping in touch with the technology, changing trends, and managing the expectations of the employees and the employers. This book talks about the things that you need to keep yourself in competition and in relevance.

“Victory through Organization” by Dave and Mike Ulrich, David Kryscynski and Wayne Brockbank:

A very technical book with a lot of research samples to give the readers a hold of the complexities faced by managers in the real-world scenario, the book will be a guide for managers who have spent some time in the field and will connect with the cases and discussion.

“Predictive HR Analytics: Mastering the HR Metrics” by Kirsten & Martin Edwards:

The book is like a guide into the various analytical techniques used in the field of Human Resources, with the help of case studies and gives a look into use of analytics and metrics to take on issues like turnover, performance review, recruiting and other activities.

“The HR Scorecard” by Brian Becker, Mark Huselid, Dave Ulrich:

It discusses the field of Human Resources through a way people don’t generally associate it with. Numbers. The book deals with the factors which can help the HR manager evaluate performances and generate reports better through quantitative approach into various activities of the field.