What are the most prevalent UX design jobs?

The discipline of user experience design is maturing, with more and more specializations emerging. If you’ve been paying attention to the job market, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of different UX job titles out there, with new ones appearing all the time.

You need to know how to navigate this fast-changing market, whether you’re an aspiring designer or a seasoned UXer. The question is: where may a career in UX take you as the industry continues to expand and evolve?

UX design job titles are quite diverse, in part because UX designers work in so many different industries—too numerous to name here. During your job search, you may come across the following UX Designer jobs:

• User Experience Designer
• User Investigator
• User Experience Researcher
• Tester of Usability
• Architect of Information
• Experience Architect
• Designer of Interactions
• Architect of Information
• User Experience Strategist
• UX Designer
• Product Manager, User Experience
• UX Consultant
• UX Designer
• UX Designer
• Designer of Products
• Visual Artist
• Strategist for Content