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What are the most effective types of Instagram ads?

What are the most effective types of Instagram ads?

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Instagram ads are powerful vehicle to focus on the right people, at the right time, with the right message and imagery.

Types of Instagram Ads:

  1. Photo Ads - These are obviously the foremost common sort of ads on Instagram since photo-sharing is that the most prominent feature of the platform. Today, the scenario has changed, people are not only sharing photos but using photos to market products, services, brands, events, and far more.
  2. Story Ads - Instagram stories are successful feature on Instagram and nearly 80% of the active users on Instagram posts stories, there’s also a serious chunk of users who post stories on a daily basis, which mean there’s tons of traffic being generated through stories. Hence, story ads are all about clever targeting and placement.
  3. Video Ads - Video ads that are creative and captivating work well because the receiving audience is during a sizable amount. Instagram typically allows 30-60 second videos to be posted, so brands alter their video content accordingly and either post full-fledged ads or teasers to the particular ad (which then takes them to a different video platform like YouTube).
  4. Carousel ads - Carousel ads are a reasonably effective alternative for one who wants to post more than just one image or video, these ads allow a user to swipe through 3-4 images promoting an equivalent ad but keeping them working on an equivalent post for a extended time. Carousel ads also can be sponsored ads if a multiple photo post is promoted.
  5. Sponsored Ads - Sponsored ads are an effective way to advertise online by market their brand’s posts through paid ads. Sponsored ads are appear on business accounts and also are an excellent way to promote contests and giveaways (if any) that the brand wants to ascertain increased participation in. Increasing engagement is additionally quite necessary, and sponsored ads help with directing the audience towards the business’ profile.
  6. IGTV ads - IGTV is relatively new feature on Instagram that’s getting used by brands and influencers to post video content that isn’t promotional but wouldn’t necessarily count as a Ads.
    On IGTV, viewers can post videos whilst long as 20 minutes, so this overcomes the restriction that video posting on Instagram feeds has.