What are the most difficult Java questions?

  • Most tough questions, particularly those ostensibly asked in interviews on a regular basis, are meaningless. They do not assess knowledge or experience. If you’re writing code that’s complicated enough to be difficult to grasp on first glance, you’re not really a programmer.

  • The majority of folks come across Thread Pooling questions. Nearly half (or possibly more) are unaware that Java includes a Thread Pool. Some of them have no idea what kind of a Thread Pool is. Most people who are aware about what a Thread Pool is are still unable to explain why it would be preferable to just creating threads on demand.

  • This clearly indicates a systematic issue among Java developers. They’re too disconnected from the hardware resources. Because the language separates you from the operating system, you must still consider how the core systems will react to your applications. This is especially true if the language allows you to access OS-level components .

  • You can’t start and stop thousands of threads, have millions of files open, or allocate terabytes of memory. Java is unable to generate resources. It isn’t magic.