What are the metrics for success in Newsletter Marketing?

In order to understand the quantifiable impact of newsletter marketing to weigh them against the measurable goals, the following metrics can be used:

  1. Increase in recipients – The most common metric would be to gauge the increase in subscriber base at regular intervals. This will provide an opportunity for the company is growing its target base, eventually converting them into its consumers.
  2. Number of people who read the newsletter – This is measured by what is known as the open rate. The number of subscribers who actually open the newsletter to read it or skim through it is an important metric to understand the number of customers who are genuinely interested in the product or the service.
  3. Fulfilment of the desired goal – This is measured by click-through – rate. This helps in understanding the number of customers who visit the company’s website after opening the newsletter.
  4. Number of purchases – This is measured by attributed revenue. The percentage of revenue which can be attributed to newsletter marketing helps in determining the cost-benefit analysis of this form of marketing.