What are the Merkle trees?

A key component of blockchain technology is the Merkle tree. It’s a mathematical data structure made up of hashes of different data blocks that serve as a description of all transactions in a block. It also allows for quick and accurate content verification over a large dataset. It also helps with data accuracy and content verification. Merkle is a Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet. Hash Tree is another name for Merkle Tree.

Merkel Tree is a data structure that is used for verifying a block. It is in the form of a binary tree containing cryptographic hashes of every block. A Merkle tree is structured similarly to a binary tree where each leaf node is a hash of a block of transactional data and each non-leaf node is a hash of its leaf node. The Merkel root or hash root is the final hash root of all the transaction hashes. It encompasses all the transactions that are underlying all the non-leaf nodes.