What are the measures required for making workers participation in management successful?

  1. Participation is an everlasting process the more you Participate the better it is.
  2. Workers should be made aware of the benefits of participation…
  3. Proper training and education should be provided to the workers and their representatives, about the process of participative management…
  4. Both the employers as well the workers should equally contribute towards the growth and welfare of the company.
  5. Everybody in the organisation should be familiar about the long terms goals of the organisation.

Any team building exercise can become successful only if the members feel having a stake in the whole process. This custodian or guardian feeling drives people put extra effort and care about their work and workspace to bring out the best results possible. Apart from the general remuneration and employment, there are some other ways to motivate people into developing care for their organization, workplace and their colleagues.
The HR managers is responsible for designing, planning and conducting such exercises that encourage the involvement of workers and employees in management:

  1. Promoting participation via ownership:

When the employees are encouraged to buy equity shares of the firm, it makes them a stakeholder and this in turn encourages them to put extra effort to improve the performance, that is related to both their collective as well as personal good.

  1. Promoting participation through management control:

This decreases disruptive activities of trade unions as now the employees themselves control the operations and increases the sense of trust with management.

  1. Promoting Participation via Committees:

These bodies basically work as some consulting bodies that have representation of the employees through a selected or elected bunch from them, depending upon the size and requirements of the organization.

  1. Promoting Participation via the nature of the job itself:

Providing more freedom, more power and more control to the employees in their normal job routine and responsibilities also makes them feel good about the efforts they put in and also increases their productivity and responsibility to the organization.

  1. Promoting Participation via inclusion in board:

Inclusion of worker leaders and employee group representatives in the boardroom makes them feel the needs, assets and liabilities of the organization better, and better reach of the voice of workers to the decision makers.

  1. Promoting Participation via Feedback and Suggestions:

Feedback and suggestion systems are known to have a better understanding of the ground report and conditions and hear the grievances of employees that make them feel valuable and taken care of.

  1. Promoting Participation via Trade Unions:

In order to channel the energy of the workforce in the right direction, avoiding any kind of disruptive activity on personal or collective level, the official representatives of their group can be recognized as head of trade unions to be taken into confidence and come to an understanding that is good for both sides and also aids the workers and employees in settling their issues through the power of their unity and collective bargaining