What are the main determinants of the faster development of digital marketing techniques compared to classic marketing?

In my opinion, digital marketing is currently developing faster compared to classic marketing. This is related to the development of new online media. In these new media, social media portals in which new marketing techniques have been developed have developed particularly dynamically in recent years. New types of spots, banners and advertising films are created primarily for the needs of their broadcasting on social media portals.

In these new online media, in such social media portals as: YouTube, Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat and others, these advertising campaigns are developing particularly quickly, which are based on a viral marketin in which they engage socially users of these portals themselves. This type of advertising campaign does not have to be high-budget while being very effective.

The combination in an advertising campaign conducted on social media portals and based on viral marketing - low budget and high efficiency - can be achieved in the situation of creating innovative spots, banners and advertising films. These innovations include those that are actually advertising films, despite the fact that they are made in such a way that the users watching them think that they are not just advertisements, news, information films, interviews, presentations, etc., which are supposedly advertised are not. However, in the field of classic advertising instruments, i.e. those that operate outside of the Internet, in the recent years there have been comparatively many new marketing techniques in the field of digital marketing.