What are the main benefits of SOA?

  • SOA facilitates better alignment between IT and the line of business while also increasing flexibility - IT flexibility to support business flexibility. Your company operations are evolving at a breakneck pace, and global competition needs SOA’s adaptability.

  • SOA can help you obtain more value out of both your existing IT investments and the new services you’re building right now. By utilizing well-defined interfaces between services, SOA facilitates the integration of your IT assets. SOA also serves as an architectural paradigm for incorporating the services of business partners, customers, and suppliers into an organization’s business operations. This saves money while also increasing consumer happiness.

  1. Reusability
  2. Loose Coupling
  3. Standard based
  4. Flexibility and scalability
  5. Platform independence

Out of the usual scalability, reusability, etc., one thing that I really love about SOA is platform independence which is the key thing when it comes to internet. I would also say the channel independence that is being usable on any medium be it web, mobile or any device.