What are the latest trends in HR?

The pandemic has made the world recalibrate its way of functioning. The workspaces have adopted to a lot of changes meanwhile, and while it is like entering into a new age, it is bound to bring with it a new set of challenges for HR managers who are in charge of the whole process.
The HR managers around the world have been keeping their eyes on some trends that might shape how we view our work life and work spaces, and every other aspect related to it.
These trends are multi-faceted and cover a lot of aspects of the things the HR manager deals in his or her daily line of work:

  1. Work-From-Home (Remote Working):

Definitely the most visible change since the pandemic began, the normalisation of remote working culture brings a new set of issues to tackle for HR managers. Whether it be a chance to reconfigure the allowances that a lot of people have moved back to their hometowns, or the kind of work stress that comes with being connected with your office space at all time, HR managers are looking and researching to streamline the process for both employees and employers.

  1. Remote Learning:

Just like training in the office space, the employees also need to retrain themselves with the changing times, and the duty of the HR manager is to select the right portal and the right course for employees.

  1. Digital Platforms:

With the work space having being shifted to study rooms and drawing rooms of homes of employees, it is necessary to pick the right digital portal to conduct the work and requires proper research and training for the employees to make it smooth. The HR manager needs to look after these.

  1. Bringing the team together:

With people away from the common roof of the office or its cafeteria or its break room, employees may be feeling disconnected with each other or from their team. It is the duty of the manager to bring the team together and conduct team building exercises.

  1. Data Analytics into the Human Resources:

HR managers are working hand in hand with the data analytics team to stay ahead of the curve and plan the requirements of their organization and the employees in advance, so things fall in their right places in the right time.

  1. Virtual sessions with employees:

People react to situations differently, and some people are not able to hold this “new normal” well. The isolation might affect people both personally and professionally. To engage with the employees using the right tools, mediums and making the sessions as comfortable for them as possible, where they can find bonding, have some fun a and open up about how they feel about their life and work will be important.

  1. Digital Tracking:

Nowhere close to anything that is invasive of the employee’s personal lives, digital tracking helps an HR keep a track of the working hours or the time they have put in for the productive efforts through their logins.

  1. Leadership:

It is not just that the HR managers have to look only after how employees are making through this period, they also need to work upon the leaders, around whom the success of a team revolves to some extent. The need to polish their people skills, their bonding with other teammates during these times will be an important thing to make study of.

  1. Prepare them for normalcy in near future:

It is the duty of the HR to keep a track of the government and health regulations and relaxations, and then plan a return to normalcy, and bring people back to the workspaces. Their health, their comfort will be the priorities you need to balance with company’s productivity.

  1. The Virtual Reality and other new arenas:

Can the virtual reality be as productive as the real environment when looking it from the point of view as a manager, and if yes, what are the costs of it? These are some answers the HR team will have to look while researching and preparing their offices and employees for a new, exciting but challenging at the same time, world of technology.

  1. Recruitment:

Just like the working, evaluating and team building and collaborating exercises of a company have shifted to remote ways, the HR managers have to also look for and design their recruiting exercises through virtual mediums. The kind of exercises or processes that can be conducted discretely and successfully to get the right talent for your firm will be an important part of the brainstorming.

  1. Automation and Digitalization of processes:

We have seen trade and commerce change through technology for years. Human Resources, being still a people centric sector, hasn’t seen that penetration of automation of its processes. But it does not mean that some repetitive and mundane aspects of the daily job of managing the people might not get automated. The focus is not to cut out any human characteristic of it, but to streamline the process and make it quicker.