What are the key components of OpenStack?

  • Horizon is OpenStack’s single graphical user interface; it’s the first thing administrators view to gain a sense of what’s going on in the cloud.

  • Nova is the main processing engine that manages many virtual machines and activities.

  • Swift is a dependable and robust file and objects storage system that allows developers to refer to a unique identifier and Openstack to select where the data should be stored.

  • Cinder block storage technology in OpenStack works similarly to traditional computer storage systems for quicker file access.

  • During deployment, Neutron ensures that components are connected efficiently.

  • Keystone is a central identity list for all OpenStack cloud users and a set of mapping mechanisms for accessing operations against it.

  • Glance, in a nutshell, is an image service provider that creates virtual copies of hard drives. Allows you to use the pictures as templates for creating new instances.

  • A ceilometer is a component that provides cloud customers with invoicing and other telemetry services. Maintains a record of each user’s component system use.

  • Heat (Orchestration Engine) allows developers to orchestrate/illustrate and store cloud application needs and resources in a file, allowing the cloud architecture to be maintained.

OpenStack is a cloud-based operating system that controls large pools of computing, storage, and network resources in a data center, all managed and delivered through APIs with common authentication mechanisms.

A dashboard is also available, allowing administrators to control while allowing their users to provide resources through a web interface.

Beyond the standard functionality of the infrastructure as a service, additional components provide, among other things, orchestration, fault management and service management, to ensure the high availability of user applications.

Nova is the main computer engine behind OpenStack. It is used to deploy and manage a large number of virtual machines and other instances to manage IT tasks. Swift is a storage system for objects and files.