What are the job prospects of Business Analyst?

Given today’s difficult business environment – resource scarcity, pandemic, harsh rivalry, and shifting legislation – every firm is struggling to find answers to its issue statements.

How can a corporation have lower expenses, more productivity with fewer resources, higher market value with fewer expenditures, a wider customer base, and less competition when every company, even competitors, is attempting to attain the same goal? As a result, businesses engage Business Analysts to assist them in making these decisions.

Business analysts examine data and transform it into models that show unexpected patterns or beneficial insights about all aspects of a company’s operation, including sales, orders, returns, people metrics, customer behaviour, and so on.

On Glassdoor, there are 12549 job openings for Business Analysts in India. When we ran the same search on Naukri.com, we got a far larger number of results, with 36930 jobs as of the date (with 16914 jobs in the 0-5 years category).

Delhi NCR has the largest concentration of these occupations, followed by Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and then other cities.

These positions are found in the following industries: IT/Software (10434 jobs), Recruitment/ Placement (7008 jobs), ITeS or BPS (4999 jobs), Banking and Financial Services (2029), and other industries.

So the future job prospects are pretty solid.