What are the Job prospects in Data Science?

According to a poll conducted by The Hindu in 2021, over 97,000 data analytics positions are unfilled in Inda due to a shortage of qualified individuals.

The use of data analytics in nearly every business contributed to a 45 percent increase in overall data science roles last year. Data scientists are in high demand in India, as seen by the increased need for them. Here are a few prominent industries where data scientists are in great demand.

E-commerce: E-commerce and retail are two of the most important industries that require extensive data analysis. By tracking customer behavior and using data analysis effectively, e-commerce businesses will be able to forecast purchases, profits, and losses and manipulate customers into buying products.

Manufacturing: Manufacturing employs data science for a variety of purposes. Data science is primarily used in manufacturing to improve efficiency, reduce risk, and boost profit.

Finance & Banking: Banks use technology to better understand their clients, keep them, and attract new ones. By better understanding consumers’ transactional behaviors, data analysis is assisting financial institutions in engaging with them more effectively.

Healthcare and Transport, Some of the other industries these, offer various roles like

  • Big Data Engineer

  • Machine Learning Engineer

  • Data Engineer/Data Architect

  • Data Scientist

  • Statistician

  • Data Analysts

  • Business Analysts

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