What are the historical milestones in Operations Management?

Operational Milestone refers to an objective event with established criteria that indicates effective project progress on a “critical path” activity and, if not met in a timely way, will prevent the achievement of the desired project outcome within the project timeframe.

The Industrial Revolution: The Industrial Revolution influenced how commodities are manufactured now. Previously, experienced artisans manufactured things by hand in their shops or at home. Each product was one-of-a-kind, lovingly created by a single individual. All of that changed with the Industrial Revolution.

Total Quality Management (TQM): Companies have been obliged to focus on increasing quality in order to remain competitive as customers demand greater quality from their products and services. In the 1990s, TQM became widely accepted, and it is now an area of operations management that no competitive organization can afford to ignore.

Global Competitiveness: In order to compete effectively today, organizations must consider the global marketplace. This covers their perceptions of consumers, rivals, and suppliers.