What are the highest paid jobs after MBA in operations?

Individuals with an MBA in Operations Management are prepared to address and manage any changes in logistics (import and export), as well as supply chain design and management. Individuals who complete the postgraduate degree will be able to efficiently manage supply chain procedures.
The typical pay for an MBA in Operation Management scope and compensation in India ranges from INR 1.5 LPA to 18.5 LPA, depending on their abilities and experience. Fresh MBA Operations Management graduates with strong technical and communication abilities are put in top positions, and their pay scale rises in tandem with their advancement in their careers.
According to figures from 2021, an MBA graduate from a reputable management university earns an average of INR 875,660 per year. After earning an MBA in Operations Management, one can pursue a variety of professional opportunities. In 2021, the following are the average salaries for MBA in Operations Management job roles:

  1. SAP Consultant – Rs. 655878
  2. Operations Manager – Rs. 766318
  3. Business Analyst – Rs. 542638
  4. Project Manager – Rs. 1263744
  5. Assistant General Manager – Rs. 1675746