What are the full stack development technologies?

Full Stack Web Development Technologies is a combination of Front-end web development and Backend web development process.

The Front-end Web Technologies covers

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScipt and all related frameworks

The Backend Technologies will cover and work under Database, such as

  • Php
  • MySql
  • MongoDB and more

Check out this blog for more understanding about this What is Full Stack Development

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Full Stack development consist of front end, back end and databases.

  1. React JS [Best JavaScript GUI library]

  2. Spring Boot [Best Java Backend Framework]

  3. Angular [Best JavaScript GUI Framework]

  4. Node JS + Express.js [Best JavaScript Backend Framework]

  5. Django [Best Python Full Stack Framework]

  6. Flask [Best Python Backend Framework]

  7. Bootstrap [Best CSS Framework for Web Development]

  8. jQuery [Best JavaScirpt library]

  9. Ruby on Rails [Best Ruby Framework for Web development]

  10. GraphQL [Best JavaScript library for APIs]

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