What are the features of SharePoint?

Communities: The latest SharePoint version allows users to collaborate in a variety of ways. In SharePoint 2010, Microsoft has improved and improved the social functionality of SharePoint 2007. People may easily cooperate in groups, exchange expertise, and discover information on a variety of topics thanks to communities.

Content: SharePoint 2010’s content transforms it from a departmental to an enterprise solution. Users may now contribute a large number of documents to SharePoint, which has resulted in a considerable boost in content. They can even store extra data using external data storage solutions.

Search: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 now includes a fast search server, which greatly enhances user search results. Users may now search for persons in addition to information. With thumbnails and previews, users may choose better language alternatives. Users may also filter search queries and look for related searches to find more relevant results.

Insights: Users may access information from a variety of data sources, including dashboards, scorecards, reports, and more, using SharePoint insights. Microsoft has added a performance point server to the SharePoint platform to assist customers. It’s also known as SharePoint performance point services. It assists users in locating the appropriate individuals and knowledge in order to make better business decisions.

The SharePoint platform consists of several features that can perform a wide range of tasks. Following are the core features of SharePoint:

  1. SharePoint Search: SharePoint 's simple search function helps users to enter and run search queries against indexed data in the SharePoint Server Field.

  2. SharePoint Libraries: The SharePoint platform to save data. The Document Library features content management that includes software check-in and check-out, versioning, storage, and workflow.

  3. SharePoint Lists: Lists of data accessible on the SharePoint platform that stores data in columns and rows. As most users of SharePoint applications are listed.

  4. Discussion Board: Regulated intranet forum for online communication, accessible in the enterprise. The Discussion boards provide a forum for members to submit questions and replies that can be discussed around the enterprise.

  5. SharePoint Workflows: Workflows are built to save you energy and time and offer flexibility and reliability to the operations you run on a daily basis.