What are the Faceted navigation examples?

Faceted search examples can be found on almost any major ecommerce site (think Amazon). Let’s look at Target’s user interface. If you’re shopping for men’s t-shirts and you land on Target’s home page, you can take the following path without ever leaving the main navigation system:

Home > Men > Men’s Clothing > Shirts > T-shirts > [Basic Tees]

The primary navigational journey ends there, rather than overwhelming the user with choices or forcing them to narrow the field down further before they are ready.

On the Basic Tees page, a clean faceted navigation design helps the user filter the list of basic tees by the following qualities:
hat’s nine additional attributes – ten including out-of-stock products. All the different combinations of these attributes result in thousands and thousands of different versions of this single page.

To put that another way, if you filter by your list of preferred attributes and get here: