What Are the Drawbacks of Blockchain?

The following are some of the drawbacks of Blockchains.

  • Because blockchain is not a distributed computing system, certain blockchain solutions consume a lot of energy.

  • Complex technologies are challenging to integrate and manage.

  • There are additional scaling issues to consider.

  • Data is immutable.

  • Because network speed and transaction prices change, it might be inefficient at times.

  • Human error has yet to be completely eliminated.

  • Not completely safe.

It is still an emerging technology and if you spend some time on developing smart contracts or blockchain networks you will see that it is pretty hard as the languages and the tools are not as grown as the ones commonly used for web development for example.


  • Every write on the blockchain costs you money which makes it expensive.
  • Bugs can be even more expensive as seen in the past, because once on the blockchain forever on the blockchain. Hundreds of millions have been stolen, not from the blockchain itself but from the clients around it.
  • Transactions wait for confirmation from the nodes and for now are kind of slow comparing to traditional centralised systems as visa.
  • You do not have access to internet.
  • It is not law abided so there are a lot of projects that are a scam.