What are the distinct types of Angular filters?

Filters are an Angular component that aid in the formatting of expression values for a display to the user. They may be used in services, directives, templates, and controllers, among other places. You may also design customized filters based on your preferences. These filters make it simple to arrange the data so that only the information that satisfies the specified criteria is presented. When using filters in expressions, they are put after the pipe sign ( | ).

The following are some examples of Angular filters:

  • currency: It converts numbers to the currency format
  • filter: It selects a subset containing items from the given array
  • date: It converts a date into a necessary format
  • lowercase: It converts the given string into lowercase
  • uppercase: It converts the given string into uppercase
  • orderBy: It arranges an array by the given expression
  • json: It formats any object into a JSON string
  • number: It converts a number value into a string
  • limitTo: It restricts the limit of a given string or array to a particular number of elements or strings