What are the disadvantages of Cyber Security?

The following are some of the disadvantages of Cyber Security:

  1. Firewalls would be difficult to configure correctly and hence, requires the skills and expertise of the concerned professional. Incorrectly set firewalls may restrict users from conducting specific tasks on the Internet unless the firewall is configured correctly.

  2. If the codes are not processed correctly, it will make the computer system slower than before and might hinder further processes.

  3. In order to keep the security up to date, the concerned Cyber Security professional should keep updating the new software.

  4. A meticulous attention to details at all times might unnecessarily delay some processes and could also impact the productivity of others.

  5. A bug or defect in an app can sometimes provide fraudsters with an easy backdoor into your accounts. This could be a weakness in the API that connects two separate programs, or it could be a feature of third-party software you’re using. It’s impossible to keep all bugs at bay or to detect them all.