What are the different types of UX designer jobs available?

In the market, there are mainly four categories of UX employment. Experience Strategy (ECS), User Research (UR), Information Architecture (IA), and Interaction Design are the four key disciplines for UX designers (IDX).

While most UX designers are well-versed in all the aforementioned topics, most will only select one or two to focus on in their careers. Now let’s take a deeper look at each quadrant and the duties that they play.

Because UX design is a dynamic and ever-changing area, you may come across a variety of job titles (UX designer, interaction designer, product designer, and service designer among them).

In a smaller business, you’ll probably have a wider job, with accountability for every phase of the design process. You could specialize in one aspect of UX design at a larger organization, such as information architecture, UX research, usability analysis, UX authoring, UX engineering, or interaction design.

As you acquire experience, you’ll have the option of becoming a UX subject matter expert (SMX) or moving into a management position as a project manager, product manager, or director of the user experience.