What are the different types of MIS?

The different types of MIS are:

  • Databank Information System – This form of information system helps in observing, classifying, and storing data items which helps the decision-maker in taking data-driving decisions.
  • Predictive Information System – This form of information system is used to draw presumptions and predictions that are relevant to decision making.
  • Decision Support System – DSS is used to gather, analyze, and synthesize data for producing comprehensive information reports.

Management information systems play a very important role in business intelligence. Business intelligence is defined as taking decisions using data and drive information and then making decisions based on that information. Management Information System is composed of three words; Management, information, and system. Almost every successful company uses a management information system to make better data-driven decisions.

Types of Management Information System:

Following are some of the types of the management information system;

  1. Transaction Process System
  2. Decision Support System:
  3. Executive information system:
  4. Sales and Marketing systems:
  5. Inventory control system:
  6. Human resource system: