What are the different roles available in Data Science field?

Some of the top Data Scientist roles are:

  1. Data Scientist: As a data scientist, you will be responsible for all parts of the project. A data scientist is well-versed in a wide range of topics and is involved at every stage of the project.

  2. Data Analyst: A corporation will recruit you if you are a data scientist or a data analyst, which are commonly confused. Data analysts are in charge of a variety of duties, including visualizing, transforming, and manipulating data.

  3. Data Engineer: Data engineers are in charge of creating, constructing, and managing data pipelines. They must test business ecosystems and make them ready for data scientists to run their algorithms.

  4. Data Architect: They must both guarantee that data is well-formatted and accessible to data scientists and analysts and increase the performance of data pipelines.

  5. Data Storyteller: This is most likely the most recent job title on the list. Data storytelling is about finding the narrative that best describes the data and using it to explain it, not merely graphing it and creating reports and numbers.

  6. Machine Learning Scientist: A machine learning scientist studies novel data manipulation techniques and develops new algorithms.

  7. Machine Learning Engineer: Today, machine learning engineers are in high demand. They must be well-versed in machine learning algorithms such as clustering, categorization, and classification, as well as current on the field’s most recent research developments.