What are the different job roles in Digital Marketing?

1. Marketing Manager

It is the maximum representative in marketing affairs in an agency, nothing more and nothing less than the marketing director. It will be dependent on the CEO’s (executive director) and COO’s (operations director) judgments, although they will have complete autonomy in making decisions relating to their position. Their main responsibilities usually include coordinating the marketing department, worldwide strategy, own brand/agency strategy, client acquisition, professional recruitment, and general planning.

2. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

It’s a disaggregation of the Marketing Manager that’s gaining in importance. It is a more operational professional that complements the first’s activities and is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of various actions to comply with the marketing plan’s aims and objectives. They usually report directly to the CEO or COO.

3. Digital Marketing Manager (DMM)

They are in charge of digital marketing and is the person who is responsible for tasks such as the company website, the management of all digital projects, the supervision of the management of various channels (blogs, social networks, etc.), web data analysis, and the establishment of KPIs or objectives… In summary, their primary responsibility is to ensure that everything is in functioning order.

4. Digital Marketing Specialist (DMS)

It is the person in charge of all aspects of digital marketing. To coordinate the individuals in control, you must have a thorough understanding of everything. They must know everything to organise the personnel under their supervision, assist when needed, and provide a strategic vision. They are responsible to the DMM.

5. Social Media Manager (SMM)

The SMM is in charge of directing the team in charge of managing social networks daily, both operationally and strategically. This expert ensures that the social media plan is followed and highlights the goals and methods. Coordinates social network projects and analyses data and insights to increase communication with the agency/communities. company.