What are the different data types in Tableau?

tableau interview questions - data types

Tableau identifies and categorizes the incoming data in various categories of data.

The different data types available in Tableau are:

1. String values (Text): This data type consists of zero or more characters.

The string values have the characters enclosed in a single or double quote (as known as single or double inverted commas).

2. Integer values (Numbers): The values of this data type can be either an integer type or floating type numbers. It is a numeric data type.

3. Date & Time values: This data type consists of date and time values in different formats such as dd-mm-yy, dd-mm-yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy, etc. for date and hr:min:sec for time.

Tableau also has a separate Date data type which contains only the date values of different types like a year, month, quarter, week, day, etc.

4. Boolean values (True or False; relational): The values of this data type are in the form of True and False that is a result of relational calculations.

Therefore, boolean values are also known as logical values.

5. Geographic values (Region, Postal code, etc): The data values of this data type are those which are used in a map. It consists of values related to country name, state name, city, region, postal codes, etc that belong to the geography of a region.

This data type is denoted by a globe icon.