What are the differences between REST and SOAP?

What are the differences between REST and SOAP?

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SOAP is a protocol whereas REST is an architectural style. SOAP uses a service interface whereas REST uses URIs. It can be explained further with a suitable diagram - REST vs SOAP

They are different envelopes in which to send information between systems. Each is a standard, each is open, and each have embedded communities with products and services and communities supporting their use as generic data transmission protocols.

The practical differences are:

SOAP is older and is falling from favor
REST is newer and is the current favored transmission protocol of those working in open web standards
SOAP is a bit more complicated, whereas REST is more basic, and therefore easier to pick up

Beyond that, you’re getting into propaganda. They are basically the same, with the only practical difference being younger, less expensive developers will complain when asked to work on SOAP based projects.

Use SOAP if the systems you need to communicate require a SOAP protocol. Use SOAP if you have a product with clients what require SOAP. Otherwise, use REST.

(I personally prefer REST from a technical viewpoint, but that matters in the least these daze.)