What are the differences between IIFT Delhi and IIFT Kolkata?

The candidates sitting for the entrance examination for the admission process into the reputed Indian Institute of Foreign Trade or IIFT have basically two campuses in mind; IIFT Delhi and IIFT Kolkata. Many candidates want to enquire about the facilities being provided at the two campuses, before they apply for or decide to take admission once they have been selected through multiple rounds of the procedure.

Based on various reviews and experiences, people tend to favour IIFT Delhi over the newer Kolkata campus for reasons like the legacy, which has been in place since 1963. I mean there wouldn’t have been an IIFT Kolkata if the original campus hadn’t produced talented batches all these years. The location of being right at the capital of the nation, with campuses of some of the most reputed universities and institutions of national importance nearby also gives it an edge when it comes to campus life and opportunity for research and sample data.

The faculty in both institutions remain to be noted and experienced, having been years in the line of work. The Kolkata campus, established in 2006, is for obvious reason aesthetically more modern in its looks, but both of them happen to have enjoying the facilities a student might like from the studies to recreation and leisure.

Though thre have been claims that there is no difference between the placement opportunities that both institutions receive, it is a known fact that the Delhi campus usually gets the cream of the crop here, having built a reputation for that all these years, while the Kolkata campus is also performing decent. The annual fee structure stays the same for both of the campuses, and hence, IIFT Delhi gets preferred here.

There is no distinction between the IIFT Kolkata and the IIFT Delhi. Both placements and administration are common, however the infrastructure in Kolkata is superior to that in Delhi.
• The cut-off for both colleges’ entrance exams is the same.
• Campuses are assigned based on the preference list, which is sorted by the final merit number obtained using the GDPI procedure.
• Unlike the IIMs, the IIFT Delhi and IIFT Kolkata are sister campuses rather than separate institutions.

After graduating from any of the IIFT, the student will receive the same degree. Because few people are aware of IIFT’s existence, you may experience some prejudice outside of your B-School.

On the campus of IIFT Delhi and IIFT Kolkata, academic precision is the same. Even if it is mentioned IIFT Delhi in the eligibility criteria of the competitions, they are open to Kolkata as well.