What are the differences between Component and Structural Directives in Angular?

The differences can be summed up as follows :

  • The structural directive modifies the DOM element and its behaviour by inserting, modifying, or removing the different elements. On the contrary, component directive is simply a directive that attaches the template and style for the element, along with the specific behaviour.
  • Structural directives are inbuilt in Angular and only focus on the DOM elements, while component directives use the @Component decorator and require a separate view for the component.
  • Speaking of Component directives, they can be created multiple times which means every component in Angular will have a @Component decorator whereas in case of Structural directives, a particular DOM element cannot have more than one Structural directive.

Looking at the differences, we have to keep one thing in mind that one is used to play with the DOM elements, and the other is used to attach a class to the directive.